Hello everyone,

This website is new. We created this website because cryptocurrency nowadays is a trend and there's a lot of money invested in this world of blockchain.

If you are asking if this site is legit or no, we can say it's 100% legit!

All that you need is to do one of the following things on the website to earn free Bitcoin:
1- Visit short links.
2- Visit BTC ads.
3- Complete jobs.
4- Play Roll & Win game.
5- Try the investment game and guess the price of Bitcoin in the next 5 minutes and double your investment.
6- Invite your friends to get more bits!
7- Invite your friends using your affiliate URL and join our Monthly Referrals Contest.
8- Complete different offers to earn more bits.
9- CPU mining: We can use your CPU to generate Bits for you.
10- Many more.

Enjoy our website and please let us know if there's an issue within the website, so we can fix it.

Happy Earning!

Best regards,
CashMine team

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